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At IPS our leadership embodies a collective vision to redefine industry standards and steer the energy sector into a future of sustainable excellence. With a commitment to innovation and a wealth of experience, our dynamic leaders inspire teams and drive transformative initiatives, ensuring success in every endeavor.

IPS Corp Oil Field Electrical Services Contractor

Leadership in Equipment and Facility Maintenance:

Philip Ingram, Owner/President  |  Phone: 575-631-4475

Phillip Ingram is a highly accomplished professional with more than 25 years of experience in the field of electrical and automation services for the oil and gas industry.

Before founding IPS, Philip was a consultant for a major oil and gas company for eight years, and helped design, implement and maintain complex automation projects and systems. 

An electrical engineer by education and training, he’s earned more than 50 certifications for programming and implementing various platforms of PLC controllers and equipment.

Philip is also the owner and president of Oilfield Royalty, LLC, which brought the first oil and gas expo to Lea County.

Our owner and president has amply demonstrated his commitment to his community and employees. He lends his insights and expertise to the Hobbs City Planning and City Utilities boards of directors, as well as to the Economic Development Corporation of Lea County.

Donnie Graham, Chief Operations Officer  |  Phone: 575-263-3384

COO Donnie Graham came to the oil and gas industry after a career in police work. A graduate of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and the FBI National Academy, he retired from the Hobbs Police Department as Assistant Chief.

After a 21 year career in Law Enforcement, Donnie started a new career in the Oil & Gas field which included roles at the Artificial Lift Service Company, Nolan H. Brunson, Inc., and at Schlumberger Rod Lift, where he served as Permian Basin Operations Manager.

Donnie has fully dedicated himself to his second profession, and he’s passionate in his support of oil and gas. “This industry is everywhere and affects everyone,” he points out. “Demand for oil and gas keeps growing. And, as producers adapt new technologies and improve their processes, the industry is becoming more efficient and more responsible.”

IPS has benefited from Donnie’s business insights and day-to-day leadership as we’ve grown to serve both Southeast New Mexico and West Texas. Donnie is a member of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA), and is a past board member of both the Hobbs Chamber of Commerce and the Boys and Girls Club of Hobbs.

Ramon Marquez, Vice President of Business Development  |  Phone: 575-602-8077

Ramon Marquez has helped lead IPS through most of our rapid growth, beginning in 2014 as our Operations Manager and now as our Vice President of Business Development.

Ramon is a licensed and accomplished electrician with over 25 years of experience. He also serves on the board of Oilfield Royalty, LLC.

“Loyalty speaks volumes,” Ramon states. “The amount of activity in the Permian Basin will always be dictated by the price of oil. But IPS treats our customers right, so they stick with us.” He continues, “Our goal is to be the best in the industry — to set a higher standard.”

Ramon and his wife are raising three children.

Brittney Simon, Director of Finance  |  Phone: 575-393-1417

Brittney Simon has brought to IPS both extensive professional experience and deep family roots in oil and gas.

A lifelong resident of Hobbs, NM, Brittney got her start with bachelor’s degree in finance. “Over more than 20 years, I’ve worked in almost every aspect of the business,” she says — from purchasing to accounting to project management. Her financial expertise, along with her familiarity with oilfield automation and electrical services, have made her a valued member of the IPS team.

Among her other outside interests, Brittney highlights her active church life and her work with young children in her church community.

Judy Goodwin Williams, CSHO. Director of Safety Operations and Training, Oil & Gas  |  Phone: 575-441-3001

Judy Goodwin has been with IPS since our founding. She actively oversees the training department to ensure OSHA safety guidelines, ISN compliance,

H2S safety practices, CPR and more.

As part of her HSE role, Judy is responsible for the overall safety culture and process at IPS. She creates and reviews SOPs to ensure compliance with industry safety standards and is also responsible for the application of OSHA safe worksite procedures.

IPS has twice named Judy our most valued employee. We’re proud that this highly competent and committed professional. She represents us on the Southeast New Mexico STEPS program, where she serves on the board as Treasurer. She volunteers her time to a local programs as well.

Judy is a native of Hobbs, NM, and is raising her children there.

Brittany Regalado, Director of Human Resources  |  Phone: 575-964-3994

Director of Human Resources, Brittany Regalado joined the IPS family in 2023. Before coming to IPS she had a career in retail, where she gained experience in management. Throughout her career in retail, she held positions at all levels, but was in management for the past decade. During Brittany’s time in retail, she was able to meet and work with people of all backgrounds and gained a passion for leading people.

“I believe that I bring a unique perspective to our company. I am a newcomer to the oil and gas industry and my past experiences have led me to believe I can make a positive impact.”

Brittany earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Human Resources Management and is certified by both the Human Resources Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resources Management and is also an active member of both organizations.

Brittany has spent her life in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas and currently resides in Tatum, New Mexico.

Victor Corrales, Hobbs Electrical Superintendent  |  Phone: 575-408-2552

Hard work, professional expertise and a commitment to customer service have helped Victor Corrales rise as our company has grown. He joined IPS as an electrician in 2014, and now manages electrical services for us and leads more than 150 IPS employees.

Elgin Moreno, Midland Operations Manager  |  Phone: 432-466-3378

Elgin Moreno is the Midland, TX Operations Manager. He has 17 years of experience in overseeing distribution power line and electrical service work. He is passionate about assisting IPS clients in fulfilling their service needs with safety and quality in the fore front and is driven to exceed customer expectations.

Elgin’s specialty is in the power line industry as a lineman by trade and is a Licensed Journeyman Lineman in both TX and NM. Elgin uses his expertise to create significant impact and add value to the day-to-day operations to ensure IPS is known as the leader of the Electrical & Powerline Industry in the Permian Basin.

Elgin was recruited in 2021 as a powerline superintendent and shortly thereafter was promoted to oversee the IPS Midland, TX location. With the help of his team, they have built a successful staff and have expanded the client list to a significant number of IPS crews operating in the Permian Basin.

Faith, family, and growth are important to Elgin. He enjoys seeing his staff grow and watching them succeed while embracing the day-to-day grind as a full team. Elgin feels that IPS is truly a family company and provides a strong force in work ethic and integrity across the board.  Elgin always keeps Family in focus while building an achievement driven culture.

Cruz DeLuna, Lubbock Operations Manager  |  Phone: 806-549-3441

Cruz DeLuna came to IPS in 2022 and is currently the Operations Manager for the Lubbock, Tx area. Cruz has extensive industry knowledge with over 31 years of electrical work experience. He currently hold a New Mexico and Texas journeyman electrician license and is currently working to obtain his master electrician license. Cruz has completed four years of technical school as well as over ten years of manufacturer specific continuing education.

Cruz’ diverse experience has led him to working in all sectors of the electrical industry. He has completed jobs of all sizes across commercial, industrial and residential projects. Over his career Cruz has served as a General Foreman, Superintendent, Project Manager and Estimator. Cruz’ experience and knowledge makes him a great fit to serve as the Operations Manager for the Lubbock area.

Cruz is a native of the Lubbock area and a lifelong musician. He enjoys the outdoors, fishing and spending time with his family.

Ryan Gray, Automation and Fiber Optics Manager  |  Phone: 575-390-3064

Ryan has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 24 years. He has a vast amount of knowledge providing IPS clients automation control solutions along with network infrastructure design and implementation.

Ryan offers competitive and efficient solution expertise in projects of every size, with a total of 24 years combined service in the oil and gas industry, Commercial/Residential, Government/ Educational and for other sectors of the service regions.

Ryan is a licensed journeyman electrician in Texas and New Mexico, certified technician with the FOA, BICSI and is certified by such industry leaders as Honeywell DCS, Rockwell Automation, and Idec

A native of Central Texas, Ryan resides in Hobbs.

Jeremiah Nathaniel, El Paso Operations Manager  |  Phone: 915.974.8882

Jeremiah started his journey in Milwaukee, WI, joining the military (Army) as a Scout in 2005, later reclassing to a generator mechanic in 2006. As a generator mechanic he was responsible for servicing, installing and repairing generators ranging from 2KW to 1 Megawatt. Jeremiah deployed to Iraq in 2006 where he managed a team of 5 mechanics and over 50 generators. After leaving the military he went on to work as a government contractor managing a team of mechanics who were responsible for over 700 generators for more than 20,000 military and civilian personnel.

While focusing on his growth, Jeremiah earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in project management and began working as a project manager. He was responsible for commercial electrical projects ranging from ten thousand to over ten million dollars. During his time as a Project Manager, Jeremiah has managed numerous large scale commercial and industrial projects and has had the opportunity to both engineer and design various electrical commercial projects.

Outside of work, Jeremiah has been a musician for over 30 years and has played in numerous bands throughout that time. He has also coached basketball at various schools and AAU teams over the past 13 years. Jeremiah also enjoys spending time with his children, playing chess and traveling.

Jeremiah is a great addition to the IPS family and we are excited to have someone with his experience and knowledge leading our El Paso commercial electrical team.

Eric Quiroz, Automation Field Engineer  |  Phone: 575-393-1417

Over his career as an electrician and electrical engineer, Eric Quiroz has worn multiple hats for multiple oil and gas companies.

Eric graduated high school in Lovington, NM, and attended New Mexico Junior College. In 2007, after three years in the field, he earned his journeyman license. Later he focused his career on electrical instrumentation and automation.

Eric’s experience includes positions with such major oil and gas companies as DCP Midstream Partners, ConocoPhillips and Occidental Petroleum. He considers each a learning opportunity, in terms of both professional knowledge and company operations.

Over his five years at IPS, Eric has risen to become an automation field engineer with multiple professional certifications. His main role is the design of programmable logic controller (PLC) and human-machine interface (HMI) systems for our clients.

Jesse Dominguez, One Call Manager and Hydrovac Services Manager  |  Phone: 575-631-9129

SAFETY AT IPS (INS:400-209240)

At IPS, we are committed to conducting our business the right way for our company and our customers. 

We strive to achieve excellence in all areas of our support services to the oil gas industry in New Mexico and Texas. We consistently and systematically implement Social Responsibility programs through our comprehensive Health, Environment and Safety Management system, which sets a high expectation and standard for managers and employees across each business unit which helps us to better manage our performance and risks.

IPS believes that all injuries are preventable; therefore, we will continually strive to prevent injuries from occurring. Management also recognizes that every employee share in the responsibility for safety on the job; consequently, safe work practices and timely reporting of incidents and potential accidents (i.e., near misses and unsafe conditions) are a condition of employment.

Everyone is encouraged to provide suggestions and establish high personal goals for eliminating accidents and injuries. Participation in meetings to discuss the safety aspects of each assignment is mandatory. If the source of a hazard cannot be eliminated, the use of special procedures, safety devices, or protective equipment and clothing must be utilized to reduce the exposure potential; if these measures cannot sufficiently reduce the potential for harm, then the job will not be performed. 

IPS takes a proactive approach to conducting our safety program. Incidents and near misses will always be investigated and more importantly learned from. Question? Contact us.

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“Leadership in the oilfield is not just about navigating challenges; it’s about igniting a collective passion for innovation and safety, driving the industry towards a sustainable and prosperous future.”

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